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Web Design

Web Design & Development

From the designs we create to the code we write, we are passionate about producing results for your business. Although it’s essential to build a competitive online presence, web design and development it’s only a part of our search engine optimization program and it’s included in our Premium Local Search Engine Optimization monthly plan subscription. Because we believe in comprehensive online marketing, our Premium Local Search Engine Optimization monthly plan also includes:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Submission to online business directories
  • Hosting management
  • Engaging and user-friendly web design
  • Highly SEO-optimized platform
  • hCard integration for Local SEO boost
  • Blog-ready website
  • Full social media integration for visitor interaction and follow-up
  • Up to 30 pages of content provided by you
  • Content Marketing

A website is the best way to show the world what your business is about

Your website is often the first point of contact with your customers. It can deliver rich and optimized content to a wide audience in a short period of time. At Harlock Media we will work with you to ensure your website’s design and development are simple, clean and user friendly, to give your customers in Fresno, CA and all over the United States an enjoyable experience.

From the designs we create to the code we write, we are passionate about producing results for your organization. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand, grow your customer base in Fresno, CA, or simply let the world know who you are and what differentiate your business from your competitors, our team of professionals will work together with you to make sure that happens.

At Harlock Media, we develop search engine optimized websites for local businesses in Fresno, CA. Any style, any industry, always beautiful and functional—and always mobile-friendly. All of our websites are built using only the highest development standards, using either the renowned WordPress base or our own top-of-the-line proprietary TNG web services platform.

Search Engine Optimization for Startups

At Harlock Media, we understand how difficult it is to start or to grow a new business in Fresno. We have been there! It's hard for new businesses to get the online exposure they need—and budgets can often be tight when you are just getting started. We like helping new brands grow, that is why we have Search Engine Optimization plans for startups on low budgets. We have produced many websites for starting local businesses—from dental offices to plumbers, we have always satisfied our clients with the best quality and functionality.

Whether you are a local startup or a well established brand in Fresno, CA, we have the right Search Engine Optimization solution for you.